A Buncha Girls (Ballard Frankie)

A buncha girls sitting on the deck, drinking fishbowl margaritas And a buncha girls down in Cancun, yeah some seven day senoritas A buncha girls packed in a jeep, heading to the beach for the weekend And a buncha girls rockin' out in Vegas, ain't got no time for sleepin' A buncha girls lookin' for a good time Breakin' hearts, turnin' heads and lookin' so fine Nothin' drives the boys right out of their mind Like a buncha girls They got high-dollar jeans, belly button rings, pretty pink painted-up toes They'll drink your drinks, make you think, you're their right now Romeo They say sha-la-la and hey-hey-hey with the band and party all night long Laugh about it in the mornin', lookin' at all the pictures and blame it on alcohol A buncha girls gettin' buck wild Rulin' the world with a sexy little smile I'd walk a country mile, yes I would For a buncha girls For a buncha hot girls Oh yeah, babe Yeah, yeah