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Beat Of Your Heart (Cory Morrow)

I hear that you're doing unwell From your smile I could never tell You open up the door and the world pours in All of its problems, solutions and sins Everybody seems to have a remedy But there ain't no remedy that's ever gonna cure me Take it while it comes �¢â?¬�?cause it don't last long Hesitate and the moment's gone Run in the rain and howl at the moon Fall in love way too soon Take my hand as the music starts And we'll dance to the beat of your heart There's a distance in your eyes Seems you been looking for a place to hide There's nothing but love around you that might shine But you can't see for your crying eyes You stand in a crowd when you wanna be alone You're your own contradiction but you're not alone You know you'll stumble down that road Trembling from the cold But this heart and this love can save you It can save you And we'll dance to the beat of your heart To the beat of your heart