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Better Than Being In Love With You (Cory Morrow)

Riding that highway, feelin' no pain. Storm clouds are risin' and I smell the rain. There's no one out here, but the earth, the wind and the fire. I know I got burned, but she's still my desire. Send me an angel, Lord make me see. These sins on my shoulder, I'll take to my grave. I deserve better than her as my love. Cause I did everything that a man could've done. I try to run, but there's no way out. A twist of fate leaves me nothing but doubt. I know I'm alone when each day is through. But it's better than being in love with you. It's better than being in love with you. A better life waits for me down that way. There's nothing but heartache, I know if I stay. I'm afraid if I see her than, I'll fall back into fallin' in love again. One, two, three