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Big City Stripper (Cory Morrow)

She's a waitress right now in some run down Mickey Mouse town But on weekends she's a big city striptease She looks pretty sleek and for a dollar a peek You can make her acquaintance and then leave Her pappa, he don't know, his little baby takes off her clothes He don't ever ask how she pays the rent I go to see her dance at just about every chance And she leaves me with a feeling it was money well spent She's a big city stripper and all the cowboys love to tip her Spendin' their lives in a velvet seat Five dollars a beer good gosh I never ever want to leave here She's my big city stripper and I think she's in love with me Now her lifes a sordid wreck, she seldom gets any respect Ah but she's only doing what she loves the most And my loving her is a task cause she's always showing off her class And she's what all men want from coast to coast I've spent the last ten years just trying to face my fears Worried about what all my friends might say Yeah but it's kinda fun to dream, I just kick back and drink I watch her dance and see my troubles stripped away She's a waitress right now in some rundown Mickey Mouse town On the weekends she's a big city striptease