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The Man That I've Been (Cory Morrow)

I spent my last two birthdays in the Travis County Jail Tomorrow I go up for life but I should go straight to Hell Hell's got no more room for me and it's got no more Time I should be confessin' all my crimes Four years ago my debt was piled high upon my mind And I devised a plan to rob a bank just to survive Oh, but when the gunsmoke cleared I saw two bodies on The ground Thirteen hours later I was found Don't you feel any sorrow for the man that I've been 'Cause in the waking of tomorrow They will find me full of sin I got news for you, I ain't as bad as they say I got news for you it looks like, That just don't matter today Well the verdict came and right away, "Guilty Indeed" 99 to life is what I heard that jury Well, they thought they might impress upon me Crime it does not pay I ain't one for listenin' today As the years go by and by upon a shadowed ground I walk The people and the places of my past have now been lost The man that I've been is not the man I'd hoped to be Now it's too late to find the good in me Ah, looks like it just don't matter today