Ace In The Hole (Mercer Johnny)

This town is full of guys Who think they’re mighty wise Just because they know a thing or two You’ll meet them, night and day Strollin’ up and down Broadway Telling of the wonders they can do Oh, sing it, Bobby boy! I just did There’s con men and there’s boosters There’s card sharks and crapshooters They congregate around the Metropole If I knew what that meant, I would agree with him They wear flashy ties and collars Yes, but where do they get their dollars? They all have got an ace, down in the hole Yes, and some of them write To the old folks for coin And that is their ace in the hole And others have friends On the old Tenderloin That’s their old ace in the hole Why, they’ll tell you of trips That they’re going to make From Florida to the North Pole The fact is, their name would be 'Mud' Just like a chum playin’ stud If they lost that old ace in the hole Oh yes, now, some of them write You’ll find a lot of them write to the (Just a minute, just a minute) Let the man play his piano solo But I want to sing tenor I don’t really care if you sing ten or twenty minutes After he’s through playin’ piano Listen to ‘em, I think I make it better than he does Well, that’s the nastiest remark I’ve ever heard Listen now, if you don’t like the way I sing Why don’t you sing? Sing 'Melancholy Baby', sing something! Why, they tell you of the trips They’re gonna make Over Florida, all the way up to the North Pole Oh, it’s sad, it's sad, Volare! But their names would be mud Like a chum playin’ stud If they lost that old ace, ace in the hole Have another drink!