Alone (NamNamBulu)

Every day you wake and start complaining believing it would stay like this until the day youre ending No one there to talk no understanding there is nothing left to do no more use pretending You are not the only one to hide but you can not understand full of fear full of fear you have nothing to decide and youre trying to withstand every tear every tear We were not meant to live alone We build up cities to have homes Improving means to stay in touch which do not seem to help that much The more we think that we have grown the more it proves that were alone despite the people you call friends the sun goes down and there it ends Its every minute that you spend reflecting life is just for rent regardless if you fill it out we shouldnt waste it without doubt Waiting on your own and count the hours nothing seems to cheer you up you have no more powers asking what went wrong with your illusions you just want a place to be a place without confusion