Beaten (NamNamBulu)

What happened to the dreams that you once used to have You can't make me believe that they have gone away What happened to the future that we planned and would adore Though deep inside I knew that you would not have stayed I still remember all the words that you once said to me Which I was far to shy to tell and let you know I realize that certain things just are not meant to be That feelings are the only thing that are worth to show Is it because he treats you badly that you love him Or just because you have no form of self respect Do you expect that I'd be standing here and watch him Your eyes are telling stories that I can't neglect He might be telling every time how much he loves you And you are blind enough to trust in what he says When is the latest time that he has asked how you do Although you know exactly that your life's a mess He doesn't love you He doesn't understand How much he hurts you You live at his command And he will never be able to give you the love that you need He doesn't trust you The way that you deserve Just when he wants you You're there for him to serve He really thinks he is giving you love every time that you bleed