Deception (NamNamBulu)

I am trying to see why all of this would matter I am trying to see why you would be a friend That all things that you touch would break apart and shatter That's the reason why our friendship had to end I was giving all the things I had to offer In return you took whatever you could get I still hope that one day in your live you will discover There is more to live than things you could regret Why would you be acting so bizarre and selfish Why are you so scared to show me what you feel Why you measure all things by what you could accomplish Where you could be holding on to something real I had covered you for all your missbehaviour Looking back you never cared for what I feel Through the years I had never asked you for a favour Now the only thing I ask is you to leave This must end All of the lies you're telling me All the deceptions you're giving me All of the times you made me wait All of the friends that you betrayed All of the things you're asking for Nobody else is asking more I really believed that you could change