Faces (NamNamBulu)

I once used to be just like you I used to care for things that didn't matter And I wouldn't mind what I do I would still believe that things got better But there came a day when all this changed Where all of my life was rearranged Without a warning or a sign Taken away what once was mine I don't really know why I'm here Maybe there is someone who can tell me There are days when I see so clear When I know what people think around me Even if I do not know their names I can sense all their pains All of the dreams they have inside All of the fears they try to hide Don't try, don't waste your time Long before you feel it it will start to blow your mind Decide, before you grow old if you want to get there, be there, stay where you where told I see a painting on the wall Showing exactly what I feel Showing exactly what I feel How could it know? I look at faces in a hall I see the stories that they hold I see the stories that they hold Passing me by