Game (NamNamBulu)

You burn like a fire You try to bring out what is trapped inside The things you desire Are fading away like a dream that died What you believe in Is your little world of right and wrong It's all so deceiving To be withstanding you must be strong You know you can get there As long as you play by the rules they make It's not that you don't care There'll always be someone who's there to take Who cares if you're cheating As long as there's no one there to see As life keeps repeating It will always be all about you or me Did you know Did you know that you are part of this Time to show Time to show you what you miss It's just a game A game they play with all of us Don't cross this lane For you will be the next to fall Let me show you how Let me show you how to break the rules Then you will know You will know which lane to choose