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Memories (NamNamBulu)

All the things were going through Let me know when it is over I have never felt this way I'm marked with scares that won't recover I have always wanted you Will I ever be returning Now that I'm away from you I feel the desperation's burning The war has lasted for so long We've all forgotten how it started I don't remember right or wrong I only know that we were parted All the loving memories All the time we spent together It will stay for centuries Our souls will last forever I'll await the days ahead To make sure that I'll be with you And when the sky is turning red Another day has past without you I'll avenge for what I've missed And no one will be trying to stop me And if there's no one to assist I'll still fight for memories of thee I will always keep on me Memories of what I wanted What remains of what I see Memories of what I wanted I'll be trying to achieve Memories of what I wanted It is part of my belief Memories of what I wanted