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Intro (The Advent)

I can’t seem to answer all these questions in My Mind is running overtime to figure out This Life so full of anguish without all the death we see. I see, I hear you, but it’s so hard to believe. God, where are we now? Can you hear us through those clouds? When the rain is beating down? Our hopes and dreams never left the ground. Nothing’s being done for your daughters or your sons. Everything just stays the same. So they tell me Nothing’s your name. Do we believe in Nothing? (Nothing? Nothing? Nothing? Nothing? Nothing?) Scream at the sky! I scream at the sky! Into the big nothing, begging to hear something. Into the big nothing, begging to hear... Scream at the sky. As I close my eyes to sleep, I decide I still believe.------------------------------------------------Song Explanation by vocalist Joe Musten:"I basically wrote this song late one night when I was feeling frustrated with the world and where it seems to be headed. You know, I obviously believe in God, but sometimes it’s hard to see Him in this world. Rape, suicide, murder and betrayal are our newscasters’ favorite topics. It’s what people want to see. We are attracted to death. It’s disheartening to watch the news. People are addicted to being sick and being prescribed their cure." A bleak picture, for sure. For Musten, this mild depression is incapable of finding lasting root in his worldview. "I guess all can say is that this world is broke," Musten admits. "We are out of currency, we are out of answers and we are out of reasons to push on. But amongst all the darkness I still feel like there is hope. I still believe in The Unseen. Hope is real, I guess we all just gotta find it ourselves."