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Mr. President (Bushwick Bill)

[ Bushwick Bill ] Yes We're here to talk about those who Are considered to be an elected official Who said it was official that when they was elected That everything that they dealt with had me in mind As a human being, as a man But not as a slave or three fifths human I have the right to bear arms What makes you think I respect you? [ VERSE 1: 3D ] Hello Mr. President, residents of the White House, excuse me I'd like to know, have you ever enjoyed an old-time gangster movie? With the white man ringin shots on blocks With their clean shave and pin strip-suits Bootleggin-whiskey-rapin-black-women-and-havin-a-fat-stack-of-loot Undercover David Duke, isn't it true The gangster movement started long before my time Long before the hair rag, gangster sag Finger signs and love for nines? Damn, in your minds and in your hearts Is the hate really that deep, what's truly goin on? Knockin me for the words I write For writin movie scripts by whites like Mr. Al Capone [ Bushwick Bill ] Yeah America A land that made Christopher Columbus A historian for bringing madmen, white slaves, and rapists Kennedy, his dad was a bootlegger for Al Capone Became President Isn't it evident That those who sit in the residence Are not president? [ VERSE 2: 3D ] Now why you want to try to knock me Cause I'm black, got a gat Twist my hat and all, listen to Mr. Scarface Think about the way the government wants to hold us back As a matter of fact I believe the whole system is a huge crime scene And everyday they're doin the dirty work And layin it on us niggas, if you know what I mean So don't corrupt your own minds foolin yourself Tryin to lay it on the black man I'm a young gee tryin to leave poverty With a gat in my black hand So white heathen, taken straight out of The crate of a mouth of a babe Yeah, a honkey can't stop what a honkey started And the ghetto's what you honkeys made [ Bushwick Bill ] That's right, sittin up there in the White House With your homosexual mentalities and female persuasions Yeah, I'm talkin to all the J. Edgar Hoovers That are still left in there All the big brothers that are watching I hope you're listenin Cause the bad shit you put on criminals has made the citizens take control [ VERSE 3: 3D ] Now Sergeant hit ya, get with ya Let's get back to the issue, continue dissin My way of livin, so a little nigga like me Gots to go and dish ya this mission Hopin that the message that I'm sendin Gets through to you and your people Devil, look at your own dirty past Before you come to me with your blue-eyed evil If I kill 30 innocent, would you write A movie about me and spare My life, or would you lock me up with triple life And strap me down in the electric chair? See, it's not about the sign I throw up Or where I roam, or what a nigga wear See cracker, it's all about respect for your hood Your clique, and all of those whose pain with you share [ Bushwick Bill ] That's right, pain The pain that I feel Is the pain from shame The shame that you've caused me For over 400 years of protection The pain that I have within me The rage that is flaming Makes me want to say the things that I say Do the things that I do And let you know That when you look at me Or look down at me Or look across from your side of the world to my side That what you have failed to realize Is that you've put me in projects I realize it was an experiment So when you put me in jail I realize I just made it through the millions I'm just another rat that made my cheese And you couldn't stand it But what can all the big cats do When all the rats want to get fat But try to cut down on the cheese What you don't realize is that you're jerkin yourself Killin your own existence You're all walking dead men, and don't know it With book sense and street sense If you had street intelligence You would really know That you're one footstep between life and death That the mouth is a open grave And you've offered me the right to elect you to a bullet Which is a straight shot to the top, right? And what goes up must come down That's why it's goin down right now You can smell the smoke See the flames And see the bodies that are left on the ground Because the flag Red, white and blue And the stars from all the years you've whupped me and mines I still see