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The Bushwicken (Bushwick Bill)

Hello? Is anybody out there? Can you hear me? It's about to happen (chorus) x13 Dr. Wolfgang Von Bushwicken the Bavarian Bill [Watch me] [Kill] Straight outta nightmares, somewhere A rare glimpse of Bushwick I'm off on some sick shit My mind still plays tricks It is I says me, I agree with my inner self Thinkin' and contemplate on all the pain that my enemies felt At the hands of this madman Catscans can't prove that I'm crazy I want to chop bodies daily Oh God save me, Dahmer was a minor case Get a load of Chuckwick Eye to eye, face to face Evil thoughts hit me when I get distraught Easily hidden, I'm never gettin' fuckin' caught fool Lucky Chuckie Trust me in your house and watch You'll go into shock, chokin' on your blood clot Don't mind me I know it's in this mind I'm sick And you just try to survive a visit from the chorus x8 Haha, horrifyin', part of me's a big man I went to Cypress Hill they learned how to kill a man Menace Clan showed me who the devil was Kicked it wit Dre, got that killin' off that chronic buzz Just because, to show the world I ain't a punk I got dead bodies rottin' in my Benz trunk Trunk of funk, call it what you want to Make sure I'm gone, and not behind you Because in dreams, I'm breemin' Scotty dead bodies Don't try to run, you can't escape this (????) dread Yes I'm dead, and always stay a step ahead And if I stay behind your ass is mines anyway Play it wit shark, I like to kick body parts It's an art, to choppin' up hearts kid Did what I did because I know in this mind I'm sick And you just try to survive a visit from the chorus x14