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Bound for Victory (Aeveron)

Thunder and Lightning are roaring around. The sky turns black and the night's falling down. We're looking up to the brightly shining stars. They're guiding are ways throughout all the wars. Throughout all the wars! Above foreign lands and above the wide seas Now deep darkness reigns and the daylight it flees. From East from West and from North to the South You can see us coming uniting the crowds. We are uniting the crowds! Here we are together, side by side forever. All for one like brothers, no one stands alone! Join our forces, keep the fire burning! Bound deep in our hearts and bound for victory! Thousands of miles we have crossed the lands To welcome our mates, now to raise up your hands. There is no fear and there is no doubt. Our hearts filled with power and glorious pride. Pride! When aims in your life seem so far away Your inner voice will lead your way. The dreams that we have are about to come true. Your brothers will be there. They are calling for you! Your brothers are calling for you! We are bound for victory! We're on our path, there ain't no return. Life's full of secrets, got our lessons to learn. Join our forces, keep the fire burning. Bound deep in our hearts (and) bound for victory!