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Construality (Aeveron)

Gracefully looking up to your idols, You get fulfillment in emulating them. Their seeming philosophy of life More and more becomes a part of you. Decadent behaviour and hypocritical laughter, In their eyes the greed for fame; Sooner or later you´ll recognize That this truth is full of lies. Free your consciousness and breathe the scent of truth. It is time to strengthen your individuality. Look around and tell me what do you see! Truth and illusion - it's construality. I'm struggling to find the right words, Words you hear and understand. Ignorance and foolish prejudices Are blinding the peoples' reason. But I will scream until you listen, Enslaving your thoughts from apathy. There's no obstacle, there's no border, No excuse that could stop me. I'm searching for answers still unfound. Words and lies keep circling around. Don't try to understand – just live your way. Raise your head above the clay!