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Fragile Thoughts (Aeveron)

Lying in misery's arms, embraced by coldness. Lethargy fills my mind, stiffened lying there. The night covers my body like a fog covers a moor. Nobody is here to see my final suffering. Wishing to spread my wings and glide away into the black sky. Passing stars and galaxies, never seen and never known. Wish to be the wind blowing through the universe, icy and endless. To be the star you've always adored. Always adored! To be the moon shining in every gloomy and frozen night. To be the forest standing in the dark full of silence and grief. To be a mountain covered with bloody snow on the top. To be someone else than me. But these chimeras can never become reality. So I'm still lying in misery´s talonlike arms. Suffocating my lungs, struggling with my life. Death is near and I'm waiting for him to come! They've fallen apart, my fragile thoughts!