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Take Heed of Trust (Aeveron)

Don't trust anyone! Unless you know them better than you know your fucking self! In case that you do they'll BETRAY ANNOY HUMILIATE And eventually DESTROY YOU! Trust but yourself, your power and beliefs. Walk your own way, don't let them lead you astray. Your inner strength will guide you to reach your goals. While the others just want to hinder you. DAMN MISERABLE FOOLS If you let them too close they'll tear you apart. They sell your life and soul for their own disgusting pleasure. Do never rely on someone else serpent-tongued words. Just like Iscariot they'll lie straight to your face! Don't let them get you! - Don't listen to their croon! It's all just lies under a deadly greyish moon. Trust is for fools who don't own the will to survive. Ignore their cajoling speeches! - Walk your path and be alive! It's all just lies under a deadly greyish moon. Ignore their cajoling speeches! - Work your path and be alive! Alive!