Lovely Lilly Lou (Taylor Terry Scott)

Lovely Lilly Lou coos like a dove Lovely Lilly Lou She's in love So much in love with the lovely world around her Simple things astound her Strong, loving arms surround her It's hard to be blue when everything's cool with our lovely Lilly Lou Lovely Lilly Lou burns like a fire Lovely Lilly Lou A live wire A real live wire Got that look when things don't quite go her way Might ignore you when you ask her to play Then she'll laugh, and then you'll know it's okay What are you gonna do? It's fun to play the fool with our lovely Lilly Grandpa Stan That lovely man He loves to hug her (Look out! Don't bug her!) And Grandma Gail is on her trail Can't get enough of her (See how they love each other!) When Lilly grins Great Grandma gives in and just melts like butter And they're all doing well when they're under the spell Of our Lovely Lilly Lou Father Billy and Mother Lori got a little bitty baby that's their pride and joy She's the heart and soul and the crowning glory of their very own story of love Lovely Lilly Lou is dreaming tonight She's dreaming tonight Lovely Lilly Lou dreams a dream so bright So big and bright Of the angels that really surround her Now her Mom and Dad's arms have found her And another day meant to astound her comes into view How do you do? Good morning to you Our Lovely Lilly Lou A very good morning to you