Mr. Flutter (Taylor Terry Scott)

Well, I'm in a mess, and I need a friend I've been thinking about success and how the story might end But with the friends like these, who needs enemies? They been lurking around I see them coming down And here comes Mr. Flutter He and Mrs. Dread, well, they love each other Gonna build a haunted house Be my father and mother They're tying the knot in the middle of my gut And they both want kids, so there's one in the oven They picked out a name He's called Little Nothing I think he was born to be my kissing cousin He's pulling the chain in the middle of my brain It's time to write a song, but I don't have the words And the kids need a doctor, but I'm not insured And my wife, she looks pale She got the check in the mail And it's not the amount we were thinking about I got a Friend on high, and He feels my pain But I still got this dust flowing through my veins And I wanna have faith, and I wanna know grace But it's hard to break through when the rent's overdue