Closer (Lapush)

Two in the morning, Im heading home Wish it was evening, Id start it again In your apartment with no view We talk like strangers with no clues We always hurt each other Looks like were fighting a war Chorus: Were alive tonight Save our soul save our lives This is the best day out Feel the weight of my love Feel my arms around your heart I need you tonight We can talk all night Ill say the things I should have said when theres nothing but time to waste Now theres not enough time to say (And) I wont take for granted the people I love Just breathe in the moment Just breathe in the love Chorus: Chorus 2: Crashing down ocean size Im on your side Wrapped in heaven where you belong I have to get closer to you (2x) Chorus: Youre going home As I close your eyes Youre going home As we say goodnight, goodnight