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Fledgling (Popper John)

Raise your head Meagerest of fledglings And breathe in deep And cease to cry For life it beats within you To fix upon the sky And fix upon... The sky Is beckoning your coming Your feathered nest Has grown too small The wind Is here to greet you Spread your wings and simply fall Spread your wings and simply fall Spread your wings Spread your wings and simply... Fall Into the rushing air And struggle And fight to rise above And then surrender To your freedoms For these are the pains of love And these are the many pains of love And many, many are the pains of That frightening fall has become a friend With gravity now do you play Inches from death and the frozen ground And then away The clouds separate to reveal the warmth Of the goldenest bright shining sea Nigh falls and it's gone again But now you're free To give it chase And to... Soar through heaven Mightiest of eagles And rule your minions Of the sky The earth Is far below you Once it s prisoner now do you fly Once just a fledgling now Do you fly Now my fledgling now my fledgling do you