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Everything Ends (Sinamore)

So fell from a day another gracious race of man Crashing straight to the ground Making a sound so cold And leaving behind the marks of a dreamworld On your face final disgrace I'll force you down to obey I can bury your wasted soul in grave To the lear I used to lay Crush me and waste the seed In yet another dimension of lie Come hold me the sea as I drown Kill me with no regret I'm not a saint, wearing the devil's veil Through the night I hear your silent cry Hide - You will find The pieces of this life-line, you tear down Corrosed by the tears that made us apart Fight all your life behind the border of fire Burn you dreams and become one with the fear There are many things I can never find I'm not weak, I just don't care There are many things that I can never find There are many things that I can never hide Maybe tomorrow shows the reason to go on I'm not weak, I don't care Hands all in red painting the view of silence