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Krieg über Alles (Wolfnacht)

The hammer of Thor suspass the weak No future for democracy, no future for this shit The only law is war and the time of the sweep Enemies hide when we shout white power The wrath of the overman is unleashed Behold the mass of the pathetic cowards Soon they'll taste the aryan soldiers fist With iron fist and heart of steel Fighting for the triumph of the wheel Our solid territories are taken back And our jigsaw bathed with the subhuman blood The zionist conspiracy conceals the truth Mongloid subcultures influences the youth The powers of the government or maybe it's the ZOG But with the spear of Wotan We'll murder them till dawn As brothers in my fatherland together in the fight Loyal to the holy war, I'm proud to be white In eternal brotherhood with power so great Until the final victory no jewman can escape