Paperbag (Mutya Buena)

I'm sitting here with a piece of paper Says here's my number, won't you call me later I called you the next day And that's how we got started I'm sitting here thinking what we've been through In front a pile of things reminded me of you It's weird that so much time hardly takes up any space at all things I say for us to look at now our future's lost in the past gotta put it away, put it away R: I don't know how it can fit 'cause it's all we were, it's all we ever had memories sitting all alone in a paper bag maybe I should get rid off this but it's all the love it's all the dreams we had you and me sitting on a shelf in a paper bag (sitting, sitting) The note you wrote when we had our first fly the car that you bought me after sharing our first night I know we had some bad But we had lots of good times too (good times too) Some tickets to a concert and a menu Some pictures from the night When I lost my shoe It's funny how these things tell the story of our love affair Can't hold on to us, no longer If I do I'm going under Gotta pack it away, pack it away R: Ooh Ooh Ooh Oh I don't know how...oh yeah yeah Memories...Oh in a paperbag! R: (3x) Sitting, sitting.