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Bad Day (Bizarre)

"This is a bad day.." "Motherfucker you need to get up and find your ass a job, Im sick of you just layin around all day long playin nintendo. They dont even make nintendos no more! Where the hell you find that shit at? And I know that you can find a job, your bus pass is in your wallet I seen that shit yesterday, you just sit up all day long! Lie lie lie Eat eat eat Drink drink drink You dont do shit! Im sick of you!" "Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank God, got my asscheeks stuck to a fishin rod, wheres the dogs aint no frogs, momma cookin breakfast with no (laws?) I got my grub on, but didnt pig out, no Thanksgivin so we eatin, carry out. This dude came through my front door, he said I wouldnt live to see 24 I gotta go cause I got on flip flops If I sold out then my feet 'd drop. Had to stop, at the red light, everybody laughin at my yellow dirtbike. And everythings alright I got a beatin from Sherry, shes a transvesdite Callin up my homies and Im askin yall Bring twenty, bottles of alcohol Playin football, and Im in trouble They gave me the ball, I fumbled And I cant believe, my best friends gay Today was a bad day. " was fucked up hey man you gotta sing fo these niggas Today was a bad day Today was fucked up!" "I bust my ass in the shower Got on this fresh new baby powder Kids just today these dudes try to blast me Saw the police, and got my ass beat No flexin, wooped my ass, in the intersection, till I shoot thats the question With the beats and, I was watchin rap city, shootin them craps, I got fifty Shake em up Shake em A couple a niggas, watch me all break em They beat my ass, I need nine, nine eleven They threw my ass through this back door They took all my cash flow Punched me in the chest, and kicked me in the asshole I just found out, my best friends gay Today was a bad day." " was all fucked up rainin an shit. Today was a bad day Rainin shit, yeah. You seen that shit nigga Today was fucked up!" "Left my homies house paid, picked up this chick been tryin rape since twelth grade Its ironic, decisions and demand An art test fired on the fan Took a trip to Miami Got my ass beat at the twenty first grammys My dick is so weak, so weak, so weak I put my own ass to sleep Woke up around one, didnt hesitate to say that she didnt cum Ridin down seven mile coast an, sippin on a potion, rubbin on some baby oil lotion And nothin seems, to work out She smacked me in the face, and mirked out Today was like one of those bad dreams, jackin off with a bowl full of whip cream Helicopter lookin for the murderer Two in the mornin got the Cody allen burger Even with the lights of the good year blimp, and in red, bizarre aint shit Drunk as hell, and Im throwin up Page your cat off, so you know it aint blowin up I found that my best friend was gay Today was a bad day.." "You seen that shit nigga Today was a bad day Today was fucked up! Hannicap Circus, commin soon Bizarre, HannniCap Circus Today was a bad day mother fucker Fuck yall."