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I Need A Friend (Bizarre)

Sniiiiiiiff! Fuckin' weirdos! Sniiiiiiiff! FERGIE! ("Susan! - Make shut the doors, lock! ") Too late bitch! - I done pulled the fucking Glock. (shit!) Each of you wanna face with a mouth and tie you up with sock! ("Dial 9-1-1! ") (DIAL 9-1-1!) Bitch I am a fucking cop. I'm outta cot! - I'm a fucking with kittie! The last two months - I been suspended. (hehehe!) Suspended - cause I love the shoots! Mell prostitutes! (yeah!) I love to catch 'em, walk 'em on 7 Mile and Boulevard, (yeeah!) Put a .9 to 'em, catch 'em off God! (oh-oh-oh!) And it ain't a time of the day - I walk up to 'em and steal 'em, God hate fags! - Sit me here and kill 'em! (OOOHH, GOD!) Don't reach for the phone - don't call for help, (bitch!) I know you hate me! - I fucking hate myself! (BITCH!) I missed you when I talked you - I'm glad you lizzed, Cause 10 minutes from now (hehehehe!) - I'll be in prison! I need - someone - to - listen to meeeeeeeeeee! (psssssh!) (fuckin' crazy!) I need - someone - who - cares about meeeeeeeeee! (my wife is a slut!) I need (yeah!) - a friend! I need - a friend! I need - a friend! I need (uh!) - a friend! Shut up bitch 'fore I shoot you! (shut up!) With a fucking .9 or a fucking You're probably wondering - why I'm in your house, (why?) This is a long story - this helps me to get out. (YEAH!) This is a story, that I'm a rapper trying to make it, (uhh!) Now I'm a rapist - that tryina take it. (Bizarre!) You like my chain? - Bitch don't break it! My mother gave it to me. - It's kind of secret! (yeah!) I used to be a catholic priest - now I'm living on the streets, One of a touching my little niece! (uuhhh!) It's turned off. - Oh, my niece kissing me? ! What, what the fuck is going on bitch? (hehehe!) - Listen to me! The police delicious started to relieve first, I ain't a vergent and bully on work. (ewwww!) Stop staring at the phone - you can't make a call. I got your ass chicks - near to the wall! (naaaahhh!) And I'm finally glad that the truth came out, Now this is the part what it is - I blow my brains out.