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Off Da Chain (Bizarre)

Look who just... the shower Hundred miles an hour sour Looking nothing but white... big dog, big ball One phone call Kill all of you fucking gorilla Mess with a man... MC'em, call when I'm pee'em Me I'm unstoppable Mission impossible Stopping BIZZARE look who we are Who wanna get peed on This ain't no... song This ain't no love song Living like... Big day Is the like I live in Cincinnati You don't want no beef You just wanna get... Here we go Here we go Cause I'm off the chain now I'm tired to hear you rapping about money I'm tired to hear you trying to make jokes and be funny I'm tired to hear you trying to act like a dog We don't give a fuck about celebrity... I don't need her Pass the refund Pretty mamasita Sexy... Born in the... 313 don't be... You can't stop shitting No fly zone Is prohibited Detroit baby boy I'll beat your ass with a belt Cause tummy think is funny You'll catch our... think is funny? Never bug me I left them all Big and tall I'll call my dog they'll 47 above the law