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One Chance (Bizarre)

I ain't shit! I ain't even go to college, hehe! Matter of fact I ain't even think about goin' to college! (duuuude!) If I wasn't be doin' this music, shit... I was the... (duuuuude!) I don't what the fuck I'd be doin'! (du-du-du-duuuude!) Ever since I was seven - I wanted to be a rap artist (AYOOOOOOOOOOOO!) Ten years later - I'm still out here starvin'! Started off talent shows. - Battles around the block To bein' in the house - 'round six o'clock! (uh!) Rappin'! - Nigga you better get a job (oooh!) Stop stayin' in the house - lookin' like a fat slob. (damn, mom!) And mama - I'm serious about this rappin'! She thought at the snap of a finger - it would all happen. (yeeah!) Didn't think about school . Homework I left! (hell no!) Report card - came home with all F's! (hahaha!) I saw Redman, walked up to him and bust a rap (whassup?) He said I was sweet! - And gave me a lil' debt! Couple hours - he'll give my phone a tap (yo, I'll call you!) I sit there, waited! - He never called me back! (damn!) I didn't take a shower! - I waited for six hours! WHERE THE FUCK IS REGGIE NOBLE? ! You get one shot! - Only get one shot to take it! You get one chance! - Only get one chance to make it! You get one choice! - Only get one choice to break it! Be a man! - Be a man nigga! (maaaaaan!) 18 years old - mom threw me out the house! (GET OUT!) Responsibility - am I a man or a mouse? I'm starvin'! (starvin'!) - Tryna get a 9-2-5, And I'll do anything - just to survive! (hahahahaa!) I wanna go to Open Mic (hehehe!) - but I gotta work tonight (ooh!) Plus I can't pull up to the club - in a yellow dirk bike. (hey nigga wait!) My girlfriend's pregnant! (uuuh, wait that!) - I think she's havin' a boy! I gotta get two jobs - gotta buy her some toys. Plus my rap partner say he quit! (what?) - He's goin' to church! After 5 years - of puttin' in work! (daaamn!) I notice - my goals is gettin' further away Crystler plant; they gave me a call back today. (hallo?) Sixteen hour shift - leaves me a whip (uh-huh!) Beeper on my hip - money starts to flip. (shiiit!) Been six months - ain't no Hip-Hop in here! (what?) My stomach gettin' fat - for drinkin' all them beers. (oh!) All I do is watch football and beat my wife! Goddamn it! Where the hell is my wife? My wife ain't cheatin'! - I know she ain't cheatin'! (yeah!) But every once in awhile - she deserves a fuckin' beatin'! (hahaha!) My group havin' a meetin' - about tryna reunite! (what?) But I won't be there - cause I gotta fuckin' work tonight! (AAHHH!) And I keep on cryin' - just bout to lose it! It's been 2 years - since I been away from music! The best MC from Detroit! - Nigga I was the man! Don't be like me! - And blow your chance!