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Porno Bitches (Bizarre)

Now ever since I was a young boy I would fall for women like you And even now that I'm a grown man I'm still in love with the tricks that you can do (I still love the tricks you do) I'm used to women think it's nasty That's they opinion but that ain't my point of view (That's just they opinion cause they ain't you) Some of them need to take some lessons And learn how to fuck like porno bitches do When I was young I was sprung off the way women used their tongue I couldn't nut yet, but fuck that, it was still fun to look... I took... vaseline Even though it was thick and rubbed it on my dick Now I'm grown... ... and my bone is so well-known hoes wanna get it cloned Shit, ain't nothin wrong with you chunkin that monkey All up on me 'til the whole room's funky The negative thoughts, it's time to change Shit, you a woman, I'm a man It's all natural, and we're compatible I'll bend you over, knock you down, slap that ass a little bit (ohh ohh) But not to hurt Like after havin a full course meal, it's the dessert Now lay on your stomach, put a arch in your hips and look back so I can see all four of them lips I can on Superman drawers, I'm 6 years old All in my room, all alone I'm young, dumb, layin the pipe Showtime, HBO, Friday night Butt-naked on the couch, without no clothes Remote control, ready to bust a load And fuck Roxanne, I want Big Ann Tight old pants, my mother's best friend I watch all your movies and your DVD's I heard you're comin out with porno CD I want Janet Jacme, to smack me Take your bikini off, get on the bed and attack me I love porn, but niggaz be hatin R. Kelly ain't got nothin on the shit I be makin (I'm 14!) I'm a freak, I been that way since 7 Me, Big Boi and Devin; bitch is 11 I like a lady, but I sure love a slut The type that like to suck on my dick and let me scrub them guts The chick that want it doggy style while playin on my nuts And when you ain't above face shorty don't be tryin to duck, uh True Aquarian, mean I'm freaky as to fuck Eat that coochie for an hour after you shower cock 'em up From the power of the orgasm your legs are lockin up Caught a cramp in your thigh, can't even pull your stockings up But your spike leather collar plus stilletos lookin tough Now you're passed out on your stomach, seems though you had +Enough+ like J-Lo in that movie where her husband beat her up (bitch!) Puss appears to be pregnant, swole and wet up Now you need to go and get up 'fore I set up some more setup I done caught my second wind, let's begin, lift your head up It's the battle of the sexes, we can do this shit 'til breakfast I don't want no mo' babies but I can give you a baby necklace