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Rap Guys (Bizarre)

This guy is crazy This guy is a weirdo Outsidaz, what you want to do This is the gang I'm in Outsidaz, comin to you Lord have mercy for any rapper that showed up First it was Oklahoma now its your house I'm blowin up 'cause I'm quick to butt fuck yo moms And fuck a nine Bizarre's shootin nuclear bombs Think about it before you diss me on a track I hang with niggas that just got out and ready to go back Bizarre making wack crews fold Me and Bill Clinton want to bust in those on homeless 14 years old (she's young) Doin drive by's in fuckin pink caddies Tie you up and beat you worse the LL Cool J's daddy This is a crime that even Mc Gruff couldn't solve Chew dog and its not you niggas is what leavin revolved You done fucked around and gotta get a fix y'all niggas in trouble 'cause I done fucked around and hit a six (rap guys) Who the fuck is y'all wack niggas ignoring Put me in a room full of murderers they be dead by the mornin Chorus: repeat 2x Rap guys Listen to me, Listen to me rap guys Diss Bizarre you die We can do this like men Or talk it we're whit Or do it my way and drive by later on tonight Break in your house hang your sister by her shirt Bury her in the dirt, wait for you moms to get home from work Id a killed so many M.C's I can't count the number Niggas writin me letters say ?I know what you did last summer? One rapper tested me and though I was a punk And I ain't seen his body since I threw it out of my trunk Fuck around and throw your ass in the lake And never be found like my high school prom date Bizarre's too ill, shoot vein in my father's vein And watch a nigga die like Sugar Hill I'm sicker than a transvestite gettin fucked by a paraplegic I say dumb shit when I'm weeded Your girl sucked me, bitch you better duck me Or fuck around end up roommates with Mike Hutley Rap guys Listen to me, Listen to me, rap guys Diss Bizarre you die I be watchin shows from here to Chi town Tell your boys this his last day I'm shuttin this block down I'm the type a guy come to your stage show and boo you Tell you you can use my sample and two weeks later I'll sue you Diss me on your stage show Diss my while you high But ain't no guarantee you'll make it out this bitch fuckin alive I got weed and drinks and some fuckin slut Fuck her in the butt, burn her back with hot cigarette butts Quick to throw the fuckin nine up My crew gets more dirty looks then Queen Latifa in a police line up Don't wind up like your boy name Romer Have your parents wondering when your ass is comin out this coma Smell the aroma when my crew hits the stage Somebody stop this machine in a rage Fuck your girl disrespect her then I check her Bizarre 98 bitch federation records Rap guys Listen to me, Listen to me rap guys Diss Bizarre you die Fuck that