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What What (Bizarre)

All my ladies say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT And all my dogs say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT Ladies and gentlemen may I grab your attention Its the dopest MC from the Midwest Did I mention So clap your hands and stomp your feet And party on down to the Bizarre Kid beat Throw your hands in the air so I can feel it It's the big guy rappin with the idiotic literatein Forget your small talk watch Bizarre Kid get wild Guarantee to get your girl warm like a reptile Big chubby guy comin straight from 7 mile Your girl heard my style And said, "ooh he's foul" So tell your man to stop trippin bro Or he gonna get rushed by 10 guys he don't even know Representin the men, moneys what I'm gettin still gigglin bush , my styles forbidden It's the big guy, do the butterfly to the ground And the base head bounce Man I got that packed down Man forget the night We gonna party till the day And I'm a strip dance at your girlfriend's cabaret All my ladies say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT And all my dogs say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT Does Bizarre roll with Slim Shady, Yeah yeah Quick to drive up in your Mercedes, Yeah yeah Datin ladies nearly 80, Yeah yeah Now who in this rap game could fade me Some of you rap guys never heard of me Sometimes I be in Dallas or even North New Jersey Forget the Moet we drinkin Hen dog all night And pass the dance so I can get high as a kite A slow song come on it's time to dirty dance And right now I'm grabbin any girl I can Grab her butt cheeks and hold her real tight And tell her me and you were gettin wild for tonight Gimme your beeper number and check before you leave "Ay yo call me tomorrow and ask for Steve" Oh no this shit I couldn't believe Me and ??? grabbed her by her knees Snatched outta her weave And grabbed the car keys All my ladies say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT And all my dogs say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT Now everybody throw they hands up This ain't a stick We came to this jam To buy ??? and play a game of pick up With any big butt freaks that's done for the cause And yo Bizarre was at the bar down ??? I'm still game spittin while you still get in Still gettin down how we livin Wild like we outta prison Run our mouth, kick in doors And I'm talkin to a chicken head that could be yours Slam dancin with girls just to see they chest bump Now everybody bu bu bum bump bump And get down to the sounds that we can cock jump Or mess around and get your whole damn block jumped Watch you beeper when I'm walking through the crowd Which one of y'all actin wild, getting loud You still screamin that somebody still hatin on you We in the parkin lot 50 deep waitin on you Da Brigade actin up and we still scrapin Walkin back up in the club like ain't nuttin happened WHAT WHAT WHAT All my ladies say WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT And all my dogs say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT All my ladies say WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT And all my dogs say CUT, CUT, CUT All the DJ's play my CUT, CUT, CUT