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Moving On Song (Seeger Peggy)

MOVING ON SONG (Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger) Born in the middle of an afternoon In a horse-drawn wagon on the old A5 The big twelve wheeler shook my bed You can't stop here the policeman said You better get born someplace else So move along, get along, move along, get along, Go, move, shift Born in the tatie lifting time In an old bow tent in a tatie field The farmer said, The work's all done It's time that you were moving on Born in a wagon on a building site Where the ground was rutted by the trailer's wheels The local people said to me, You'll lower the price of property Born at the back of a blackthorn hedge When the white hoarfrost lay all around No wise men came bearing gifts Instead the order came to shift The winter sky was hung with stars And one shone brighter than the rest The wise men came so stern and strict And brought the order to evict Wagon, tent, or trailer born Last week, last year, or in far off days Born here or a thousand miles away There's always men nearby who'll say Copyright Stormking Music, Inc. From the radio ballad, Traveling People Filename[ MOVEON SF ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===