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Winnie And Sam (Seeger Peggy)

WINNIE AND SAM (Peggy Seeger) Here's a song about Winnie, she married handsome Sam He called her "My own little wife" and she called him "my man" Oh what a lovely wedding, a hundred guests or more Before the honeymoon was over, He'd knocked her to the floor Oh what a lovely marriage, he never left her alone She always wore a high necked blouse; she must have been accident prone. Whenever the neighbors heard the noise cops come rolling along Saw his fist, saw her black eye, "Hello, is anything wrong?" Casualty always patched her up, sent her straight back home Says, "Our job's to heal the sick and not to ask how come" The GP he was a family man, didn't want to intercede A bottle of pills, a bit of advice, "A baby is what you need" On Saturday he beat his own little wife, Sunday he bashed the kids One Monday morning Winnie woke up, this union is on the skids A social worker came onto the case, she found Winnie in tears Says, "You're not as bad as some I've seen and it proves that he loves you, dear" The housing department turned her away after filling in all those forms "We've just got no place to put you, dear, afraid you'll have to go home" Well after eleven heavenly years, to make a long story short One day Sam went a little too far and Winnie took Sam to court Oh what a lovely trial, Sam had the shock of his life He stood in the dock and he stared at the judge, "You mean I can't beat my wife?" Do you think my song is funny? Well it was not meant to be 'Cause the world means it when a man says "Honey, you belong to me" Does it only happen to a poor man's wife of a so called lower degree? Winnie is a lawyer's daughter and Sam got a Ph. D. Marriage is a feudal custom, women are one of the props Women help to make it go, women got to make it stop Copyright Stormking Music @marriage @feminist @family @abuse recorded by Frankie Armstrong filename[ WINNISAM SF ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY