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Young Peggy (Seeger Peggy)

Young peggy Whaur hae ye been, Peggy Whaur hae ye been? In the garden 'mong the gillyflooers 'Tween the hours o' twelve and ane Ye were nae yoursel', Peggy No' there your lane Your faither saw ye in Jamie's arms 'Tween the hours o' twelve and ane Whit though we were seen, mither Though we were seen? I would sleep in Jamie's airms Though his grave was growing green Your Jamie's a rogue, Peggy Your Jamie's a loon For the trysting o' oor ae dochter And her sae very young Jamie's noo tae blame, mither The blame lies on me For I wad sleep in Jamie's airms Though a' the world should dee She's gane tae her ain chaulmer Jamie was there I'm blithe tae see ye, Jamie dear Though we maun meet nae mair We'll tak' a pairtin' glass, laddie Pour oot the wine And since we maun meet nae mair, my love We'll drink your health and mine Tak' me in your airms, laddie Here's kisses five And since we maun meet nae mair, my love We'll drink weel may we thrive Come tae my airms, lassie Close tae me hairt And as lang's the sun hangs i' the lift I swear we'll niver part Your faither keeps a crawin' c*** Divides nicht frae day And in the middle watch o' the nicht In greenwood ye'll meet me When mass was sung and bell were rung And a' bound for bed She's kilted up her gay clothing Met Jamie in the wood 'Twas early in the morning The clock chappit twa Her faither rose up in his bed Cryin' Peggy, she's awa They've mounted their horses And fast they did rin But lang e'er they wan tae the tap o' the hill The lad and lass were ane Child #298 Recorded by Ewan Maccoll and Peggy Seeger Filename[ yngpeggy Sf ===Document boundary===