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His Rocking Horse Ran Away (Hutton Betty)

I must sit down for a minute, I'm ready to fall in a heap Willie's been fed and I've tucked him in bed, thank goodness the darling's asleep He's a wonderful boy and a joy and a boon Bang went the bridge lamp, down went the table, crash went the china tray But he said "I couldn't help it, my rocking horse ran away!" Rip rip went the curtain, wham went the window, crunch went the new buffet And I heard him tell his daddy "My rocking horse ran away" Somehow Indians got into our front room Our cowboy grabbed for his gun and went boom, boom, boom, boom, boom Slam went the screen door, smash went the mirror, looks like I'll soon be gray But he smiles and what's the difference and maybe some Mother's Day I'll remember when his rocking horse ran away Got up early this morning, wore a flimsy negligee Had to hurry to fix the breakfast and get daddy on his way Figured I could get the paper, so the neighbors wouldn't see So I sneaked out on the porch, very, very quietly Wham went the dish pan, then came a holler, up went the neighbor's shade It was Mother's little darling, out on a commando raid Came home late from a picture. I was tired, my shoes were tight Took off my stockings, dropped my girdle Got undressed and pulled the light. boy! Slipped into my night gown, then tiptoed across the floor Better have a look at Junior, so I peeked into his door Clang, clang, clang went a cowbell, whee went a whistle, I nearly had a stroke It was mother's precious baby, just havin' his little joke Always just when I'm breathin' a peaceful sigh There's G-Men, coppers and robbers and hi-yo silver! Bam went the book case, boot went the fruit bowl, boom went the glass bouquet But he smiles and what's the difference and maybe some mother's day I'll remember when, bang went the lamp, down went the table Crash went the tray, rip rip went the curtain, wham went a window Clang went a bell, whee went a whistle, bam went a pan, slam went a door On that eventful day, when his rocking horse ran away