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Luv 2 Get High (La Chat)

Love to get high mane Roll to get high mane Love to get high mane Roll to get high mane Oh please oh please oh please Just give me just one more hiznit This hydro weed I got some I might blow you a shotgun I cheif-ah a swish-ah My lungs is full of buddah I choke up the dope up And then I pass it to ya I'm high-yah can't lie yall Man this shits some fire Covasier,that good hay, And weed bong,got damn yall I lit it lit it lit it And then I hit it hit it I'm smokin like a dope fiend I need to quit it quit it quit it Take a pull inhale Still waitin to exhale Eyes got bloody red cells And I'm sippin on some Martel Its a party goin on inside my f**kin in my f**kin body And it's too wild I can't hang and can't nobody stop it I smoke that green dope That high I'm on cloud 9 dro yah I don't f**k with seeds You keep your weed I got my own hoe Shit, you wonder why La Chat don't speak when bitches pass me by 9 times outta 10 when I'm in the wind I'm either drunk or high And to you smokers holla at me I'm gone smoke some witcha But if you don't smoke wit me we can smoke Take a pull for me my nigga I keep that chronic in mind I try my best to stay high I smoke an ounce of that pure Man f**k some nickels and dimes I get to thinkin bout shit My nigga f**kin this bitch My thoughts get outta control I'm finna cut off his dick Blow me a gun to my nose My throat is hung up wit smoke I don't f**k wit you on that dope If it's not makin me choke I roll up in them sweets Who got that shit in the streets I smoke until I'm asleep Its just the thuggin in me I hope you already know You gotta give me some dro The way you smoke wit yo niggas That's how we smokin lil bro My nig will get a hoe high But he wont get high wit me But I ain't f**ked up bout that Its niggas givin me weed Id go to all neighborhoods And smoke you out if I could A smokin session on me Id charge it all to the good Mane I'm gone ride and get high Until the day that I die I know my lungs ain't bout shit 'cause dog I keep me some fire Other La'chat songs