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U Claimin' You Real (La Chat)

Bitch you claimin yo real I got these bitches jockin me 'cause I stay on they mind I'm strickly dickly while you lickin I don't fuck with ya kind Yeah you's a weak hoe fuck ya Ain't no love for ya ass You fuck with me you talk that shit I hope you ready to blast It be these ugly bitches talkin always sayin my name It be these ugly bitches fuckin all these niggas for fame A big mistake is when you fuck up and you fuck with La Chat Your ass is coward as some ????? 'cause I do not play that You in my face bitch talkin I don't pay you no tention I got you hot 'cause everytime you speak my name it get mention You tellin sad story lies everything just to kick it You don't get the picture yet stupid bitch I ain't listenin La Chat I'm strapped I'm stayin focused got ya ass figured out You keep on talkin watch out hoe 12 gauge slug in yo mouth A real bitch you done ran across you better be scared 'cause La Chat don't give a fuck about doin time in the fed Bitch you claimin yo real I'm ready to ride on these bitches Who talk that shit to me I'll homicide these bitches A murder in the street Hypnotize stakin riches And you ain't got a dime Poppin slugs into snitches 'cause I ain't doin time Project Pat I'm in this mutha I know you hear the shit So does yo dog and yo brother You betta feel this shit Niggas hatin undercover But smiles in my mug Coward ass motherfuckers I'll smoke you like some bud I got that thang cocked and ready To hell with some peace Cookin beef like spaghetti A blood receipe Suckas need to get some cheddar My name out ya cab But you gets nothin better A permanent nap Always dissin in your rappin Just shows yous a hoe All this talkin and this flappin I let some bullets flow Thru the air to your dizome Connectin the dots Meet your end from the chrizome The glock hit the spot Bitch you claimin yo real Look at me hoe I'm smilin but you know ain't no love You turn that smile upside down bitch and what you see is my mug Now Imma break down so plain and I'm gonna make it so simple You in the wrong and now it's on a mosberg pump to your temple See I don't fuck with bitches bitch I kick it with the thugs And I be ???????? hoes like you and keep it on the hush hush You wanna witness what I issue wanna see I ain't playin La Chat wont ???? now hoe so what the fuck is you sayin Now this the bizness motherfucker first I need me a witness Jump with that thang ready to bang I got whoever get in it I told you bitches once before you hoes ain't ready for anna Don't give a fuck shit mane what's up I'm buckin bitches at random I'm makin it known in everyway La Chat ain't barrin no hoes And for you niggas fuck you too I'm buckin holes thru the doe I hope you think that I'm a bitch that's only talkin that shit I show your ass that I'm a hoe get make up everywhere bitch [Repeat Chorus]