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Wolf Pack (La Chat)

(DJ Paul) Talking AUUUUUU!! Wolfpack, GET DOWN BITCH! GET ON THE MUTHA FUCKIN GROUND HOE! HYPNOTIZE GOT DAMN POSSE IN YO HOUSE BITCH! Gangsta Boo,Crunchy Blac,Lord Infamous,DJ Paul,Juicy J,La Chat And my new nigga Frayser Boy! (Gangsta Boo) Hypnotize Camp bitch,step into this mask Get yo ass fucked up bitch, 44 blast And u lemons lookin at me hard Gangsta B. assasin gonna catch a fuckin murder charge Fuckin wit you niggas Mutha fuckas wit that hoe shit Circulatin gossip bout the lady, what's the bizness bitch If u really got a problem then let my niggas know How you gonna handle that? the wrath of a killer hoe (Crunchy Blac) Make the wrong move and body's get bruised Talk to much fool, and I duct tape you Act a damn fool and get treated like a fool What did I do to get stuck in these shoes Ooooh the fuck? oooh!!! when ya see me come thru Lock and fuckin load,when I pop at you Do the damn thing,nigga do what you do Aint no attitude I'm just being like you (Frayser Boy) I'm knockin down you niggas doors Fuckin all you niggas hoes Get out the way Im throwin bows A nigga hurt,don't stop no show Straight out the Bay a nigga real Don't try to fake the fuckin deal All my dogs I know is trill I'm out here tryna get a meal Fuckin wit that Hypnotize I can see it in yo eyes Frayser Boy it aint no lie You can kiss yo ass goodbye I been branded as HCP Niggas don't u fuck wit me Just like the Sun bringin heat run up nigga u gone see bitch (Lord Infamous) Lords the horrid Very morbid Chainsaw roaring Niggas blood is pouring Arts of war I invented the torment 44 gat, all the slugs are swarming Your the target,hope u can absorb it My mortuary's got plenty of storage I got some shit that launch yo ass into orbit Close the casket Orbituary poetry (DJ Paul) Now Ima break it down for ya since you bitches don't know Just because u signed wit select-o, you aint a CEO Ya gotta sell some records first, that's part of the plan Lets try to see if you can get more than 20,000 on sound scan You wack ass bitches what ya playin wit this cheese Ya need to get up on 80 G's and hollar at me That's the discounted price for a Hypnotize beat On my wall I got some Golds and I got some PTs I bet u knew dat Bitch (Juicy J) I'm from the hood I aint no good Wit 20 niggas deep We rollin lac wood You can't faze me You do amaze me You say u on top So why u hate me You muggin u starin But I aint carin Or is it my watch The platinum the carats But why u wanna do What grown folks do Like go to house of dubbs And purchase 22's (La Chat) I'm puttin the city on lock I'm finna load up them glocks I'm gonna blow up ya spot When ya run ya get popped Loaded strapped up wit gats But you can't kill of a mack You done fucked up ya know dat I hope you watchin yo back I gave you props a great bitch Them killers give me yo shit La Chat gone blow off yo wig Why you keep crossin yo nig I hope ya ready for war Aint got no time for ya boys Mayn I got somethin in store Ya need to play wit ya whore I get together the tone Pull up in front of ya home Ya betta know that it's on That woman shoot up ya dome Since ya wanna be a killer Heres ya chance ya nigga Lets see do u got the liver To pull ya gun and the trigga Alot of bitches hate Chat But I aint fucked up bout dat Ya wanna get off some anna Shit!!! ya know where I'm at But then ya know how I roll Ya bitches know what I'm bout Aint no discussions wit me I put my foot in yo mouth