Broken Circle - Cutting Glass (Scariot)

It feels like a dream, yet I am awake Weak and shivering, ready to break Nothing seems like it once did Bleeding sorrow is how I became to be Days feel like years - No one to wipe these bleeding tears Falling to my knees, nearly to the ground Screaming why? No answer to be found Rising up, striking down, sorrow to me is bound Broken circle - cutting glass Laying down on broken glass These feelings will never pass You my love, where always there I reach my arms out to pull you near It's raining cutting glass - This pain will never pass Self-inflicted bleeding heart - I will not survive... Broken circle - cutting glass Growing stronger, knowing the way Passes through my flaming heart Sweet mother of god what have I done My eternal love is gone Grasping the moment, crushing it down Blood dripping guilt, my soul is covered in filth What I would give to make wrong right My bleeding heart feeds on my past Longing and crying for your sweet embrace I can't stand tall for what I did, so I lay my body to the ground Self-destruction is what this is Breaking your heart is all I can see, with that I suffer endlessly All you can meant to me and all you are Is now written in a single star Shining down upon my face Longing and crying for your sweet embrace