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Inner Mica (Scariot)

I am the pain & sorrow I am the boundless joy None have ever seen my face Darkness is my name I breathe in the silence Your dream - a world of eternal dark Tyranny hides in the air tonight In your darkest dreams I haunt you To steal your soul & gloried heart Under the midnight moonlight Now behold - Your fear Your soul now belongs to me As you crawl in the soil I steal your heart & soul A hole in my chest Where the heart I search for shall be placed Inside this shell your soul will grow me strong Beneath my shadow - unbroken spirits Leads the way to your shadow land Under the midnight moonlight I unleash my rage, leave all compassion behind Drain the life from your weak human like form Impelled by a twisted vengeance A road rage from within My future is here and it's not spanned by fools Enter darkness sweet & cold I will haunt yuo down...