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Black Keys (Andy Davis)

I play on the black keys where i don't have to worry much it's already hard enough to write a song about this some people try the white keys but the thinking hurts my head so i move back here instead and it comes easier and you'll know why when you're the one who's on the grieving end you just wave goodbye and you wonder if you'll ever breathe again that's why....i play on the black keys when it already takes my best to pretend that this big mess isn't happening yeah i play on the black keys so that i can close my eyes try to picture you beside me singing harmony and you'll know why one day i will try and explain it all but if you don't mind i'd like some time to try and play it off if i ever thought it would come to this the beating and the bleeding then i.... in my every thought i cherished you and i mean it, i mean it now i should've tried to say it better, better... that's why i..... i play on the black keys