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Banana (Rashad Isaiah)

Yo, now ever since I was young, had a gift for the tongue This shit might open the door Fruit loop for the young, honeycomb for some 22 put piff in a bowl And I was bent into corners, hot boxin' the sauna I've been focused gettin' closer to ghosts And I be sippin' the bit probably sippin a bitch I ain't really into tippin the hoes See my brother got weight, my sister at home When I get straight my sister gettin flown Couple nephews, my niggas gettin grown Mikey D stay down, nigga gettin on Can I get a glass cup and a lil' Henny I'm, too cold but a little timid I blow checks save a lil' penny I'm too young for some big money Ooh come girl get some dick from me My job needs some piss from me Uhn, lil bro can you fuck with me Came through at the last minute Lil' wasting my time, lacing with perks Perks in a bind Hazy oh baby I'm better when blind I don't see nothin' this perfect can find We are the young and Xanax There's nowhere to go To hide from your lows We are the young and Xanax There's nowhere to go Stuck on the high My son sleep, I'm rollin it up I don't sleep I'm runnin' for bucks, don't tweet You fuckin' with us I won't eat Start stomping your feet, I need that Depending on all of you feedback Come out to my show and come feed that Can't go back to sellin' that retail My daddy left me with no details Came back with a bitch and a stepson I guess he forgot that he left somethin' He must have been saving the best burn She screaming out give me the rest hun Pearl neckless I empty my left nut Most niggas can't fuck with my worse shit I'm scribing my living with curses Just wait till I get this shit perfect You niggas can't fuck with my verses See they really don't think that I'm bout this Don't make me come run in your houses We know where your mamma your dad lives Ooh baby My niggas got triggas and fast lit Don't like how we living it lasts You out of your trigger and backseat Just looking at the shooter it's Mike D Your rosary shining so nicely We innocent kids if you ask me I rode in the Benz in the backseat Them vices they swarm and attack me Got diamonds and niners upon me That Juvie that Percy that Bun B Sell track in this black while we dumping