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Gil (Rashad Isaiah)

Late nights, stay on it Bright lights, they want it And it's funny how you so charismatic A sex addict, but stay lonely Throw a beat on, I kill it Not a gun though, my feelings Here comes slow, pop pilling And I die young, God willing God willing, shit Got me over here tripping And liquor don't help for the feelings I felt I'm just over here chilling Yeah, always seem to blame a bitch The only thing I got is my pain and shit And these hoes want art Love over your canvases Should I talk about my dad or something? Always feel like I'm mad for nothing Rap fast cause a crash is coming And it hurts for the words but it lasts for something Po Pimpin' so Do or Die Slit wrists, so suicidal Stay cool in a pool of fire Worship in a verse, nigga who's your idol? Ain't never felt like this before Would you ride for freedom? Would you die for freedom? Got a ski mask on and a pistol loaded Hear money talking, I die to meet 'em Looking forward to the bright lights Late nights and the bullshit Yeah, they was talking that good shit That's far as they could get, yeah