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Modest (Rashad Isaiah)

Modest, I, be in interviews, some niggas hating Cause I play it like, I no have no clue that I'm the greatest Tori come, sit up on this dick, I see you waiting Need a baby cause I'm too young and wild to be the savior Nail me to the cross and I'm just hanging Least they left the serpeant in my fingers, I'm just smoking Players from my city rarely make it to a poster 'less you got a warrant, what you got in that Corolla? Oh, officer, just Boosie Boo and DG Yola Won't let them haters get me down, that's what they told us It's funny how they blame the south when they weak shit don't blow up We came with all the funk while niggas act like they don't know us Just living a lie, OG's, acting like hoes, we couldn't rekindle the fire Nigga, retire, nigga, catch up with the time, I can see more than the block I can see more than your spot, I don't be stuck in the past, homie, I'm puffing The grass, holding my cool like a strap, look at my southerner ass Niggas try to tell you what you want But niggas rarely give you what you need Bitch, I came right here with the bounce And if that ain't enough I got some weed Yeah, cause Quiet, I be in living room, cuh, nigga shaded With my Nia Long, I sing her a song, she masturbating Then bring me alone, she got something to say like Larry David But I leave her lone, ho, I gotta go, I got a baby Stuck in Babylon, niggas carry bombs and carry rabies Who gon' speak for you? Who gon' sing your song if you don't play this? I got stress for days, picture you go home and you that nigga But can't pay your bill, you can't buy no diapers for your little one Don't you pay for thrill, child support is like a check away How you chill with Kendrick? Do you smoke with Q and Dr. Dre? Least today is real, I should ask some groupie for some face Just a stepping stone, least them kind of bitches know their place This my second home, this where favorite rappers get replaced This what the niggas from the South gon' kill that, doubt it, bring the bass Bitch, I came here right here with an ounce And if that ain't enough you gotta leave