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Soliloquy (Rashad Isaiah)

I left my daddy round '97, he was lazy Couldn't hit the ground but making babies I'm crazy Smoking bouquet cop it from my niggas pushing daisies Like a romance, push a nigga buttons like a program I been on the Jäger for a day-ger watch me slow dance Tough as Conan this the art of barbarian I got four white girls all Aryan I wonder what their daddy think fuck 'em it's a revolution Fuck it, fuck 'em, take a break, let 'em fuck each other I ain't your everyday normal brother, porno lover She save insurin' by the low and guzzle, what is muscle? And I'm finessing like I'm Timmy Duncan When you saw him macking this scatter rapping no passing my blunt Don't you put me on freshman covers I'm posing with lunch Think they worthy of presence presently passing 'em up No competing with bleachers jogging I'm running a muck Sweet Jesus, I fuck around and need a street sweeper Got the bodies on the cul-de-sac, follow me the quarter's back Sippin' on that cogniac and that Jim Jones Watching movies like damn that Vince Vaughn is a funny cat Fred Claus and the Kelly up in your closet Belly full of smog and ciggys just make me nauseous Wonder how the fuck you let a nigga make you cautious But you jamming out in fucking Maryland aussie shit Ponzi scheme selling everybody dreams Kill it like your neighbour, I'm as nice everybody seems We just breaking bad and my brother serving Walter White I hope he ain't caught with that possession like a poltergeist Momma, where the Priests at? Why we gotta lease that? Why we can't own that? All these fat loaners Ain't no forewarning came bombing and I'm just Vietnam If you gon' be trippin' like a bitch, you should be a mom, see the son