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Tranquility (Rashad Isaiah)

Well, thank God for the shooter And thank God for the leader And think hard for a message Blink art on pedestrians, what are you, a believer? Tranquility for a Brutus And hard road for a Ceasar Well, who came from the heavens? They killed for a blessin', they gon' do it to Jesus Them hard streets make a militant man Fuck a bitch, be as real as you can Our education, they tend to say we killers again But I'd rather give this living a chance, I'm getting patience I wonder if the world is gon' see us, it's just niggas They treat lyrics like I hold triggers like I make difference Then downplay, what I'm given like I'm no different It make me wanna move to my aunt's house I've been on pills since a little one Start with Advil then we level up I wonder if my son gon' trust me, after songs so ugly Bout his moms, ain't mean to see the world so crummy They got Tec-9's for Jesus So I figured that the second coming wasn't never coming Go figure heaven is a hassle cause They don't even want a nigga back in Africa Some of us fall and some of us hover Some of us shooters and some of us lovers I see the sum of it all, I'm running for cover Invite you for supper, but really they hunt you What's really 300, who's really a gangster Was really the prey, was really in danger I'm willing to pray, I'm feeling the angels Is liquor the savior? This moment will contain us And ride to the far side, I'm looking for peace Just spread the cigar wide, a moment of ease Hard benches for my brothers that be roaming the streets We don't always be the leaders that they want us to be I'm just hoping that she praying while she down on her knees See I often treat these hoes like their fathers would be Good Lord, my flaws, blind you, got you time for, my flaws