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Webbie Flow (Rashad Isaiah)

My dick I know it's, yeah, on you, yeah Baby, can you sucky on my dick? I know it's big enough Round with a nigga from a the South, I know you feel the rush Fucking with a nigga, bitches rarely ever get a touch Better feel privileged, catch another, you can hit the dust I done grown up from my child sake, black and mouth face Look up loud place, never crowd place Never skirt chase, maybe first grade Never last place, never had brakes Pop a transmission, always had faith Always had trace, always had James In that duplex, hit a suplex, fuck a crew neck Spottie solo up in that recess Never regress, Georgia peaches Grab her cheek ass, such a slutbag Baby nut rag, never cuff that Love a hoodrat where there's puss at Barely have me going on that Sosa, I never go back I never hit it raw again, fucking with the law again Picking up trash on highways, never my way Blase blase, sneaking shotty Fuck a Friday, I'm with Chugging bombay, fuck your turn up Fuck your turn out, we gon burn up Fuck your mosh pit, I'm on my shit On that Tribe shit, got that Phife Dawg I might bite, bitch, I'm on tablet Scribble down, I'm rapping like Kool Inspire all my local jokers who be quitting that school They be hating that job, I was hating that too I was flipping your burger high as a bitch, but I'm cool I think I'm blessed now I only stress about the stress now since I'm fresh now I pull that motherfucking dress down Never gonna testify, girl And I'm gonna touch your thighs I'm gon' spend the night, girl You like I heard that you was serving all that pussy, wasn't going for