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Hard Core (Tipton Glenn)

As I lie awake in the morning Just killing time I can feel the pain and the torment Building up inside my mind Have to get it under the counter Stop myself from going blind An excess is what I'm after Nothing less will satisfy So I walk the streets And I search beneath The cloak of decency that hides All that I need On which I feed Better give me Hard Core And so the urge returns again Hard Core Only thing to ease the pain Lipsmacking magazine when you're younger Hidden in my desk at school Big appetite increases the hunger Now I need it more and more Gimme little something to take until daybreak Or I will go insane It's building in me, need relief You better give me Hard Core Speak to me of things I like Hard Core Nothing less will satisfy Oh they lie to me So it's time to be on my way Speak of love but say We are way ahead of this place So so - so frustrated Never naked - never betrayed So so - so frustrated Never naked - never betrayed Take it to the limit I admit it you know Yes I couldn't give a damn Oh is it any wonder That I hunger Just can't give me Hard core Seeping back into my brain Hard core The only thing to ease my pain Hard core Get it while you can Experience it every day Hard core You want it bad you better pay Fax phone line just wanna flick through Anytime cataloguing while I kinda change I'm gonna order mine this time and I'm gonna watch you viewing behind a mirror Looking I'm out there ... do it Hard core Feel the need to return again Hard core Nothing less will ease the pain Hard core Hard core